Laboratory of Applied Thermo-Fluid-Dynamics (TFAlab)
(Reference: Prof. Ing. Mario Misale)

The laboratory of thermo-fluid dynamics has a quality-management  following the standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 (Vision 2000).

The laboratory is inside the TEC Division of the Mechanical Engineering, Energy, Production, Transport and Mathematical Models Department (DIME) of University of Genoa. The Department was founded in 1968, during the years had development and got new equipments and  even more  extended expertise in the field of measurements of convective heat and mass transfer and of analysis of motion for single-phase and two-phase fluids.  In  1998 was integrated in the Register of Highly Qualified Laboratories.
    The Department gives strategic importance to quality of research developed in its laboratories.  Present and next development of PTlab tends to achievement of excellent livel in all fields, for the continuous satisfaction of Customers of the Lab.   
TFAlab includes five separate sections:

In the section S1, natural and forced convection of single-phase fluids, are developed following research issues:

- Theoretic and experimental  techniques for the determination of heat transfer in natural and forced single-phase convection.
- Study of heat transfer in forced convection in canals in presence of turbulence-promoters.  
- Study of heat and mass transfer during the forming of frost.  
- Study of thermal performances of refrigerated equipments and electric components by natural convection of air.

In the section S2, thermo-fluid-dynamics of circuits for natural flow, are developed following research issues:

- Theoretic and experimental techniques for analysis of thermo-fluid-dynamic behaviour of single-phase circuits for natural flow.
- Study of effects of heat transfer, lying posture and geometrical configuration  of circuit about the fluid-dynamical unstableness.
- Study of effects of electric fields for control of dynamical behaviour of circuits in conditions of simulated micro-gravity. 

In section S3, heat transfer by boiling,  are developed following research issues:

 - Theoretic and experimental techniques for the determination of thermal exchange in boiling with and without circulation of fluid.
- Study of heat transfer in saturated  boiling  of dielectric fluids in a liquid in rest and analysis of pressure-effects, geometrical configuration  of surface, lying posture and  restriction.  
- Study of thermal performances of heat sink with fins. 
- Study of boiling in forced convection of refrigerant fluids, in small-sized canals, with no-circular section and no-uniform heating.

In the section S4, two-phase fluid-dynamics, are developed following research issues:

- Theoretic and experimental techniques for characterization of motion of two-phase fluids in horizontal pipes also in presence of singlenesses.
- Study of two-phase intermittent  motion gas-liquid and determination of  fluid-dynamic main properties.  
- Study of pressure drops and change of motion in two-phase flow by means of different singlenesses.
- Study and setting-up of feelers for surveying of characteristics of gas-liquid motion in pipes.

In the section  S5, energetic saving and air-quality,   are developed following research issues:

- Theoretic and experimental techniques for analysis of energetic performances of thermal fluid systems (reverse cycle) and their components.
- Study of energetic consumptions  for  prototypes expressly instrumented for change of operational conditions.  
- Theoretic and experimental techniques for the determination of  fluid-dynamic and thermal characteristics of components of plants.
- Study with test bench of performances of heat and mass exchangers  with solid or semi-permeable surface.


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