How to reach TEC Division

The TEC Division of the DIME is in the neighborurhood of Albaro, Genoa.
The nearest railway station is Genova-Brignole: from there you can reach the TEC Division by bus nr. 43 (bus stop in front of the railway station) or nr. 15 getting on at the Corso Buenos Aires bus stop (direction EAST).

The nearest highway station is Genova-Nervi, that is 5 km far from the TEC Division. Follow direction CENTRE of Genova, at the Corso Gastaldi crossing ligths turn left (via Corridoni).
From the highway station of Genova West you can take the elevated road (Via Aldo MORO).
The direction is as CENTRE Genoa, FacoltÓ di Ingegneria.

Map of  highway to Genoa, and maps of path from exit Genova-est  and from exit Genova-Nervi to the TEC DIvision:





Maps of path from exit Genova-ovest and from Brignole railstation to TEC Division, and map of Albaro:


For further informations consult italian yellow pages, or:

TEC Division mastership
Via all'Opera Pia, 15A
tel. +39 010 353 2861
fax +39 010 311870


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