The TEC Division of the DIME develops researches about applied thermo-fluid mechanics and heat transfer with particular reference to following themes:

  • Two-phase thermo-fluid mechanics 
  •  Single-phase thermo-fluid mechanics 
  • Heat transfer 

In this field the TEC Division develops researches of phenomenological and applicative kind about three fundamental ways of heat transfer: conduction, convection and radiance. 
Research are connected with particular applicative  requirements in the industrial field and are developed
with great use of numerical simulations and of experimental models. Main applications regard heat insulation, refrigeration of electronic components and in general thermo-technical design of  components of plants.

Most recent research works regard:


In this field main funds are from MIUR (National  Considerable Interest Design), UNIVERSITY of Genoa, ASI (Italian Space Agency), Private Corporations

In this field of research work:

Reference: Prof. Mario Misale

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