Laboratory of  Thermophysical Properties (PTlab)

(Reference: Prof. Ing. Federico Scarpa)

The laboratory of thermophysical properties has a quality-management  following the standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 (Vision 2000).

The laboratory of thermophysical properties (PTlab) is inside the TEC Division of the Mechanical Engineering, Energy, Production, Transport and Mathematical Models Department (DIME) of University of Genoa. The Department was founded in 1968, during the years had development and got new equipments and  even more  extended expertise in the field of measure of thermophysical properties.   In the field of techniques in transient conditions , where there's no standard of reference,  PTlab was pioneer in the development of innovative techniques favouring determination  of quality of results.
In  1998 was integrated in the Register of Highly Qualified Laboratories.
Present and next development of PTlab tends to achievement of excellent livel in all fields, for the continuous satisfaction of Customers of the Lab. 

PTlab includes three separate sections:

  • Thermophysical property measurements with transient techniques (S1);
  • Thermophysical property measurements with steady-state techniques (S2);
  • Measurements of radiative properties of solid surfaces (S3);

    In the section S1 are developed following research issues:

    - Theoretic and experimental techniques for simultaneous determination in dynamic conditions  of thermal diffusivity, conductivity and specific heat of insulating thermal materials. 
    - Study of simultaneous transport of mass and energy in moist porous materials with opened cells and  respective influence on thermophysical properties.
    - Study about techniques of refrigeration of single and multiple electric wires in natural convection (in conformity with terrestrial and aeronautical standards ).

    In the section S2 are developed following research issues:

    - Determination  in stationary conditions of thermal conductivity of insulating materials.
    - Study of static characteristics of moisture  absorption of porous materials with opened cells.

    In the section S3 are developed following research issues:

     - Determination of radiative properties of solid materials (usual monochromatic emissivity) with particular reference to influence of superficial characteristics dependent on mechanical works, thermal treatments,  presence of oxides and impurities.
    - Evaluation of properties of thermal emission of this films. 


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